Quick and Easy White Board




Introduction: Quick and Easy White Board

Since moving into our house years ago, Mrs Evilution has wanted a small white board that
she could write down jobs for me to ignore during the day instead of surf the internet.

We bought a few but none of them did the job. They were usually badly made,
the pen didn't wipe off, the fixings were poor and they looked boring as hell.

What she wanted was a small board to go on the fridge door and a magnetic pen.

Step 1: What You Need

This is assuming you have basic essentials like a printer and a laminater. If you don't have
a printer you can make a collage of pictures on the A4 sheet. If you don't have a laminater,
you can get cold lamination pouches so you don't even need the hot lamination machine.

You will need a special whiteboard pen although I found any non permanent felt tip
pen will work although it will not 'dry wipe' off, you will need to use a wet tissue.
You will also need some magnets to hold it and the pen to the fridge.
I chose some neodymium magnets from Ebay, they are only 5mm but very powerful.

Step 2: Make the Whiteboard Look Nice

Get a nice picture. I spend a lot of my time playing with smart cars so to keep this silly idea on track, I decided on a picture of my own car. I also printed the word MEMO at the top so it's obvious what it is.

Step 3: Get Laminating

Here is the final printout from my budget HP Color LaserJet 1600 (good quality for �99).
Next to it is the A4 hot lamination pouch I have chosen to use. It is all sitting on
top of my (frankly overkill for this project) A2 hot laminater that will seal it all up.

With it run through the laminater and the printed A4 sheet sealed, we are ready to go.

Step 4: Get It on the Fridge and Try It Out

With a magnet in each corner it was stuck to the fridge and left myself a note so I don't forget.
I took the pen and used impact adhesive to glue a small magnet to the lid.
Job done, now the other half can write a list of housework so she doesn't forget to do it all at the weekend while I'm sleeping.

Step 5: Added Tips for This Project

Don't be too concerned about the 'micron' grading of the lamination pouches, there isn't a
great deal in it between 80 and 250. It is really designed to protect what has been laminated,
as we aren't using it for that purpose it doesn't really matter. Low micron is cheaper though.

If you feel your new white board is too flimsy, you can try using thicker paper. Check
the handbook for your printer, laser printers usually handle thicker paper than inkjets.

In this version I actually used a second piece of paper behind the printed one to add thickness.
This made the finished white board a lot more rigid than the initial test one I made.

If you don't have a neat printer you will have to get creative.
Cut out pictures from a magazine or get your favourite photos colour photocopied at a print store
and cut them out. You can build up a single picture using several pictures, this is called a collage.

If you aren't printing but making a collage instead, you can use thin card instead of paper.

Be creative, you don't have to have a picture of your car on it. You could have a picture of your partner, kids, grandkids or favourite porn star like Ron Jeremy.

Don't limit yourself with pictures, you can laminte confetti and glitter into your whiteboard.

The important thing to remember is what ever you laminate has to be flat and don't forget to leave
space for writing. Even though you have the space, you don't have to use it all. Subtle works best.

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