Introduction: Quick Easy Glow Jars

Greet your ghostly and goblin guest's with these cute little glowing jack-O-lanterns.

Step 1: Mask

Wipe the jar down with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove finger prints.

I then used 2 inch masking tape to completely cover the jar ( I don't like over spray ) .

Step 2: Draw, Cut, Peel,

Using a sharpie I drew on some creepy faces, carefully cut the faces out using an razor knife, spray the jars with flat black spray paint 2 coats did the trick for me. After the paint is dry, carefully peel the masking tape off.

Step 3: Adding the Glow

For each jar I used 1 glow stick.

Break the glow stick to activate the chemicals and carefully cut the top off the tube, pour the liquid into the jar and seal it up. Dispose of the empty glow stick carefully.

Now just swirl the liquid around inside the jar to coat the inside.

These lasted 2 hours, from the time I poured them till they were dead.

Caution: Glow sticks contain chemicals that should be handled and treated with respect.

Most glow sticks contain a small glass vial inside the plastic tube that
contains a mixture of hydrogen peroxide in phthalic ester. Outside of the glass vial is another chemical called phenyl oxalate ester.

More info on dangers of opening glow sticks

Thanks for looking.

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