Introduction: Quick Fake Axe for Your Costume Party

As it just happened to me, you may be invited to a costume party or going out on Halloween dressed as a lumberjack or Viking and you need to get an axe to make your outfit look more realistic.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Basically, I just used stuff I had at home, but if you need to buy any of these materials, it shouldn't be expensive.

- A piece of wood: 120 x 2 x 4.5 cm (it really depends on your height to be proportional and the handgrip that fits better for you) - I used two broomsticks tied with a thin wire;

- Brown and black EVA;

- 0.5 cm and 5 cm black suede strip;

- A large piece of paperboard and some small ones;

- Silver nail polish;

- Hot glue;

- Ruler, stylus, scissors, tape, pen

Step 2: The Axe Handle

The first thing I did was wraping the axe handle with brown EVA and hot glue, to see how the grip would feel. I guess two layers of a thin EVA would do just fine.

As the piece of EVA wasn't enough to cover the piece of wood, I made it in two parts and used the suede to hide the gap and also decorate the handle a little.

Step 3: Decorate the Handle

I braided the thinner suede strip for almost half of the handle lenght in the handgrip direction and the thicker one to hide the gap between the EVA wraps. Dont forget to use the hot glue to fix the suede.

TIP: you can try other suede color and braid patterns!!!

Step 4: The Axe Head

Draw the axe head that most fits your outfit. I chose a mix of lumberjack and viking axes in order to use it more than once!

Considering the handle measures, I found that a head with 21cm height and 26cm lenght fits perfectly. I prefered to cut both sides in only one piece to make it easier to assembly with the handle.

Mold the paperboard axe head to the handle and glue it together. Using the hot glue and pieces of paperboard, fill up the head so it won't crumple.

Step 5: Wrapping the Axe Head

Cut a piece of black EVA in the same shape of your axe head, but a little bigger, so you can make some adjustments while fitting it in place. Make sure to leave a small piece of EVA to make the blade.

Don't forget to cover the top and bottom of the axe's head!

Step 6: Finish Your Axe

Paint the blade with silver nail polish, wait for it to dry and apply a second and/or third coat.

There you go! An axe to complement your costume and cut some heads or chop trees!

As it's my first instructable, let me know where to improve or if you have any doubts on the steps. See ya