Introduction: Quick Finger Slingshot

This is a super-quick finger slingshot from basic office supplies.

Never point at a person or anything you care about. Use safety and warn other people to move away where ricocheting is a danger. This can cause injury.

Check with your local laws and/or attorney. Some localities prohibit slingshots and might classify this as one.

Supplies needed:
  • Scotch tape (duct tape will work better, but then this won't be all from basic office supplies).
  • rubber band
  • ammunition (e.g., wet ball of paper)

Step 1: Prepare Materials

Choose a rubber band.  Mine was about 6 inches when laid out straight (without stretching).  

Cut about three inches of Scotch tape.

Step 2: Lay Out Pocket

Put Scotch tape sticky side up on table.

Lay rubber band across it, so that the tape crosses the rubber band at right angles, with one strand of rubber band about 1/4 inch from the one end of the tape, and the next strand of rubber band another 3/4" down from this strand.  

Step 3: Fold Pocket

Fold the shorter end of the Scotch tape down, so that sticky part goes to the sticky part.  This will make a pocket about 3/4" in size.

Then fold the longer end of the tape up, and around the back, and around the front again.

Step 4: Make Ammunition

A quick piece of ammunition is a small piece of paper, maybe a 1.5" square, wetted and rolled into a ball.  It'll stick to a target.  A gentler thing would be a little fuzzy craft ball.

Step 5: Shoot!

After ensuring nobody, and nothing valuable, is in the way, and nobody is in danger of ricochet, hook the rubber band onto two fingers of one hand (e.g., thumb and forefinger or forefinger and middle finger).  Place ammunition in pocket, hold the pocket from behind with the other hand, and shoot at a safe target.

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