Introduction: Quick & Cheap Daft Punk Gloves

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Hello all!

Today I'm going to be showing you how to make some snazy Daft Punk gloves for under $50 (even cheaper if you have some of the basic stuff needed to make these)!

This is extremely easy to do as I was able to do it without any prior knowledge of prop making.

Let's get started!

Step 1: What You'll Need

The only things you'll need is some clay (air dry if you have the time or oven bake if your in a hurry. I used air dry.) and some tools to shape the clay!

A printer is very handy (ha get it?) for printing out a template but not needed if you can't print a template.

Step 2: Shape It!

This step all depends on how much time your willing to dedicate to this.

If your having trouble, make a small ball out of clay for each finger piece, then flatten it and cut out the shape of the finger.

I recommend after shaping the pieces, to flip them over to mold to your fingers. As that side will be smooth due to the flatness of your table.

I spent a good 3 hours shaping everything to the best of my ability. Don't worry too much about the smoothness of the pieces but do try to make them AS SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE. Smoothing will be quite difficult the more bumpy the pieces are.

Step 3: Smooth It!

Now this step is quite easy and can be done before the clay is dry.

Just dip your finger (or round ended tool if you have one) in water and smooth those tops!

This also helps get rid of some cracks in the clay but I found they come back after their dry.

Step 4: Wait Around 24 Hours!

Do anything you can for 24 hours!

I put a pic of how I spent my 24 hours, music is great for killing time!

It may take less then 24 hours but just make sure the clay is as dry as possible for the next step!

Step 5: Sand It!

Now for probably the most important step of all, sanding.

This will take a lot of time to get right, it took me about 4 hours to sand all these to a near perfect state.

You will for sure need sandpaper of the finest grit you can get and a Dremel is extremely handy when dealing with big bumps and the edges.
A Dremel isn't needed, but will speed up the process.

Just take your time and have fun with it! get all those tops as smooth as you can get them!

Step 6: Paint It!

Now for the last steps!

You can either chose to paint these or chrome them, if you were to chrome them I would recommend vacuum forming your clay pieces so you get a higher quality product that will withstand the chroming process.

The best gold chromey spray paint I can recommend is Montana Gold Goldchrome spray paint.

The paint is great for us looking to get the closest we can to chrome for as cheap as possible.

In some lights it was a chrome but in most it was a more shiny metallic. Not that close to chrome, but it's the closest you'll get with paint.

Light mist sprays with multiple coats is the best way to paint these, don't just glob on your whole can because it will look like crap.

Now paint these suckers and let em dry!

Step 7: Get Your Gloves and Prepare to Robot Rock!

And now your done!

These were just some cheap $3 touch screen compatible cloves I got at Wal-Mart and they work quite fine.

They were put on the gloves with (hilariously) automotive glue. Its probably toxic so I wouldn't recommend it. But these pieces are never falling off.

If you do it with automotive glue make sure to wear plastic gloves underneath!! Take your hand and plastic gloves out when your hand starts to burn and let the gloves dry! I don't recommend doing it how I did but if its all you got then you can try it at your own will.


Step 8: What Happens If You Don't Sand Your Gloves!

As an added bonus these are pieces of my second of glove that I made just a few days before the con I went to.

I planed to vacuum form the sanded pieces to make a complete pair of gloves but had no time to make the vacuum former so I made a quick and dirty second glove.

This is a prime (time of your life) example of why you must sand your clay pieces! As you can see these look like crap.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Gloves!

Thanks for reading my Instuctable!

This last pic is of my full Daft Punk costume for a Comic Expo in my city.

Everything was painted with one can of the Montana Gold Goldchrome spray paint!

I hope you all enjoyed and enjoy whatever you'll be using your gloves for :)

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