Introduction: Quick Protection for Dyeing Your Hair at Home

If you use a home hair dyeing kit, you’ll realize that the process can be very messy. Here’s a quick, cheap way to protect yourself and your bathroom basin surrounds.

All you need for basic protection is:
  • a large plastic tablecloth (the cheap, thin disposable kind; it can be used- save one from being thrown out after a function, give it a clean and a new lease of life!)
  • scissors
  •  a couple of clothes pegs.
  • you may also need a bit of sticky stuff such as Blu-tak or masking tape

A few other things that may be useful, too - see the notes in Step 3.

Step 1: Cut the Tablecloth and Fit to Basin Area

Cut the tablecloth into 2 halves across the middle. You should have enough so that one half wraps around your neck and shoulders, and the other piece covers most of your bathroom basin and bench top.

Lay one half over your basin and estimate how big a hole will be needed to fit over the basin.

Fold the piece in half and cut out a semi-circle, a little smaller than you think would fit half the basin (you can always cut out more if you need to). Put it over the basin and see if you can still use the taps. Trim if necessary.

If you have a separate splashback, tuck the top edge of the plastic over it to hold it in place. Otherwise you may need to use some sticky Blu-tak or a bit of masking tape to hold the plastic up (check that it won’t damage your wall surface). You may find that by putting your hair dye kit on top of the plastic, it will stay in place anyhow.

Step 2: Protect Yourself - Make a Quick Cape

Make sure you’re wearing old clothes with short sleeves and a loose neck.

Fold the second half of the tablecloth in half and cut a shallow dip (see fig.1) to make it fit better around your neck.

Then just wrap the plastic around your shoulders and secure with one or two clothes pegs (see Fig.2).

Step 3: Extra Protection

In the photo you’ll see the extras that you may use-

Petroleum jelly to smear on skin around hairline so you don’t dye your skin!

Facial tissues to mop up drips

Plastic hair clips to clip up longer hair

Old shower cap to put over dyed hair while it colours

You'll also need a method for washing out the dye, but I'll let you work out what method suits you- at least now you should be able to cheaply and easily contain the mess a bit ;)