Introduction: Quick Sugru Fix to Make a Cell Phone Case De-branded and Sticker-friendly

I like my silicone & plastic incipio cell phone case, but the prominent logo has always bugged me.  I couldn't put a sticker where I wanted without it wearing through.  A bit of leftover sugru from an Instructables-sponsored build night at Makerspace Urbana was all it took to solve this tiny annoyance.

1) Nick a tiny bit of Sugru.
2) Press into annoying logo gap on cell phone.
3) Work in and remove excess by running back of handy pocketknife across surface.
4) Swipe smooth with soapy finger (as mentioned  in the Sugru Guru booklet, attached).
5) Let cure overnight.

After step 4, I wished I had taken the case off my phone before step 2, as I couldn't put it back in my pocket.  But it cured surprisingly quickly (less than the recommended time).