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Introduction: Camping BBQ Stand

You've gone camping. You've bought some burgers, some sausages, a disposable bbq, and are all ready for dinner. However, the ground is dry as a bone and you are in serious danger of starting a forest fire if you light the barbecue directly on the ground, plus they burn better with air flow underneath them too, so what are you going to do? Here's a simple guide to making an instant BBQ stand just using tent pegs.

What you will need

A disposable BBQ
4 tent pegs
A mallet or hammer or rock
Sausages (well, any food will do, but everyone knows that emulsified high-fat offal tubes taste the best)

Step 1: Get Some Tent Pegs

To make this barbecue stand you are going to need to get 4 tent pegs, and a mallet. Any pegs will do, even the most badly bent ones. Did you bang every single tent peg in when putting your tent up? No, didn't think so. On the off chance that you did, take out 4 from your ground sheet - it's not going anywhere while you are cooking and isn't going to cause the tent to fall down.

Step 2: Insert the Pegs

Chances are your disposable BBQ will have a piece of paper on the front. Take it off and put it on the ground. This will be your template.

Put one tent peg at each corner of the paper, about 1 -2 inches in from the corner. Use your mallet (or rock) to bang the pegs in to the ground, leaving about 2-3 inches sticking out. Point the tent peg hooks in towards the middle.

When you are done, tear the paper off the tent pegs to leave bare ground underneath.

Step 3: Add the BBQ and Light It

Place your disposable BBQ on the four pegs. You will probably find that it is not level at first. Simply tap in or pull out the appropriate peg to get it level. This is an important step, because if you cook on a slope, you are going to find your sausages rolling off.

Once it's level, light the BBQ. Because it is off the ground, it won't damage the forest floor, and the air circulating underneath it will make it warm up faster and hotter.

Step 4: Cook

Add your favourite food and cook.

After cooking, leave the BBQ to cool, then pour water over it (to make sure any dying embers are doused) and dispose of in the appropriate place. The ground below will be unburnt.

Don't forget to take out your tent pegs!

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    This new to me. Good though just new, never thought of this.Good tip thanks, usually I just try and find four rocks of the same size/shape, kinda flat if possible but big enough for elevation. Just place under the four corners of the disposable. But preferably like to take camping cooker :P

    Good stuff here.

    Check out some of my tips @ my Barbecue Camping blog!
    Any comments would be great for feed back. Thanks in advance!

    Good tips here.

    Jamie ;)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    dont want to sound like a fuss pot but a good practice is to scrape the surface covering of the ground first until down to a moist soil base so nothing can combust below the bbq. it gets very hot down there.... if the ground is very dry you can soak it in water first. could save a forest. if you want to, a good idea if you are cooking a lot of food is to leave the bbq high enough to slide a plate under to warm it or keep cooked food warm til all the rest is cooked. the foil base from a bbq can be cleaned and used under the next bbq for the above purpose, just slide it in long ways under the hot bbq. that made me hungry!!


    13 years ago on Step 4

    don't forget the sausages.... LOL!


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent point. How remiss of me! I have added them to the list.