Quick'n Easy Folding of Pantyhose From Children: How-to!

Introduction: Quick'n Easy Folding of Pantyhose From Children: How-to!

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In the last years, I was bored by the time wasted when I was looking for clothes combination for my baby child, sometimes three or four different combinations were sorted out. After choosing the right one, one must arrange the clothes back in the clipboard. One of the worth clothes for me to fold back was pantyhose


I mean this is only true for those who fold their clothes and sort them with care.I have met people with slightly less care.


nota: I do not find the original video location, please feel free to update me I will edit thislink


Due to the elasticity of pantyhose, this stage of refolding was very unpleasant. Especially to get them perfectly ordered.

Thus I found a way to fold the pantyhose sothat the pantyhose keep being folded when sorted out and can be placed back effortless.

The best: after very little practice it takes you less time than to fold it carefully in a regular fashion.

The trick? It consists more or less of just rolling the pantyhose under elongation and add a wrap-out-in fold at the end.

The elongation you apply will help maintaining the folded pantyhose as it is. This is the keystone.

I hope this will help some of you to save some time and efforts in the future;)


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Step 1: Introduction: One Single and Only Fold

Take the pantyhose and fold it so that both legs are superimposed as shown on the first picture.

The second picture shows where the two hands are placed and it makes clear that the pantyhose will be rolled around the A-hand.

Yes exactly you are rolling around the feet

and not rolling on the floor laughing... or maybe :)

Step 2: Start of Experiment

It follows a counter-clokckwise schema

First create a tension by pulling the hand at the feet location (A-->B) the second hand operates oppositely

no... no.... in the opposite direction otherwise it is useless right...

Then turn your hand as in C around two fingers and finish as in D use the other fingers to clamp the tissue.

Then the other hand moves over the pantyhose without loosing the tension to avoid the structure formed on D: an helix.

You want that each turn made is like superimposed and under tension at the same time.

Step 3: Rolling It to the End

Counter clockwised picture too!

Roll the pantyhose around your two fingers further (A and B) as proposed in the previous step until the end by keeping the tension with the aid of the other fingers as shown on B on this picture.

At this stage, you must have the feet in the center of the roll and the open-end available.

Wrap the pantyhose on itself by using the open-end as a cover/wrap as shown from C to D.

Step 4: Z-End

If you really need this step...

OK OK you really really really need it. Then...

So you see the open-end covering the rest of the pantyhose and you two fingers...

let s be crazy, remove your fingers from there!

(Yeah I know, I exactly know what you think at this precise moment...

when I wrote that I already see the problem but hey! It is an instructable right! it can be serious and as the same time making you smile for one or the other reason! and if you laugh as I am right now... )

Then just arrange them where those need to be placed and that's all folks!

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    6 years ago


    Dr Froggy
    Dr Froggy

    Reply 6 years ago

    I had time to kill at that time. And I have ayoung daughter with alot of pantyhose.
    I found this trick fast and easy.
    My own life partner was doing it proper.
    I prefer the quick and dirty- but working- way.

    Do you know this trick to fold a Tshirt ( jpanese video) I tried and after a while I was able to do it too (kind of weird and not exactly right when you really look at it).
    But I laught a lot when I saw the "ultimate" version of it --> at the end Raging of not properly doing it, the guy has just thrown the tshirt in the closet without any fold. And just F''K it right. :D

    If it helps one or two person getting faster... I already won.
    I tried to get one Ible a month at least. At that time I was a bit late for a real one. So... making this was not special for me but as I said.
    If one or two personn adopted it. I already won.;)