Introduction: Quidditch Ring Set

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Hey everybody it's momo and today I'm going to show you how to make a Quidditch game with a set of rings. Enjoy

Step 1: Supplies

1-jewelry wire
4-Wire cutters or scissors
5-round nose pliers

(Sorry, the beads were rolling around so I had to put them in the pliers)

Step 2: To Start

you're going to make the hoops. This is simple all you need to do is just take around object and form the wire around it. Then put a stick thing coming off the bottom like below. Then make a ring. Do this 3 times with the middle one taller than the other 2

Step 3: Quaffle

The Quaffle in the movie is reddish. So paint a bead red with nail polish (or just use a red bead) but keep in mind that this one needs to be the largest bead of the 3 kinds

Step 4: Bludger

The 2 budgets in the movie are black. So paint a bead black with nail polish (or just use a black bead)

Step 5: Snitch

To see how to make this snitch look at my previous tutorial on how to make a golden snitch. (Keep in mind that this is the smallest bead of the 3 kinds)

Step 6: Make the Set

Make rings out of all the beads you have and arrange them around on your fingers so that the longest hip is in the middle and the shorter ones are on the two side and put the beads on other fingers you could even layer the beads on top of where the hoops are (***IF YOU WANT, YOU CAN BEND DOWN THE HOOPS LIKE SHOWN BELOW***)

Step 7: Finished!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and if you haven't already click that button above and follow the farm family give a cow it's wings. thanks so much guys love you •_£

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