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Introduction: Quiet Training Wheels

My daughters are learning bicycles which is a real joy for them and me. However the training wheels were starting to drive me nuts. I like to tinker on the bikes and take pride in making sure stuff has grease, chains run smooth, tires have air and wheels are tru, but they still rattled. It's not a loud noise just one that gets to you after 30 minutes or so. I had some nice wheels off a broken walker and I thought I would give it a shot. They are so easy to install anyone could do it, you might have to run to the hardware store for longer bolts but that should be it. I did not even have to drill the holes out. The only problem was I ran out of adjustment and had to bend the training wheel up a little. I didn't even realize how much the noise was bothering me until it was gone, it's like when they leave a toy on and forget about it then you turn it off and get that ahhhhhhh moment. Plus the girls think their bikes are faster.


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    Hello Urbanmx,

    Good job.
    The sound of cheap plastic wheels sends me crazy too.
    Also, I just thought that I would tell you that you have your video set to private; so that it cannot be viewed.

    Best Wishes