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Hello every 1
This is how to make a phone "pocket" or anything else that can fit :))) (i've seen this many times what it means is a face with double chins)
I got my BlackBerry Yesterday and had no cover for it :(

Okay what you will need:

Pair of old jeans (with 1 pair you can make 2 pockets)
Glue stick (the one from your childs stasitionary will do)
Super Glue

Something chaep to work on
Marker (the 1 I have here is a paint marker but is not needed)

Okay lets get started!

Step 1: Draw and Cut

Take your jeans (not the 1's your wearing DUH!) and turn them over so that the back pockets are facing you.
With your marker go around the pockets leaving a ~3/4" space.
Cut along that line and remove the 2 pockets.

Step 2: Neaten and Glue

Okay now using your scissors cut it down to ~1/2 an inch as neatly as you can

Take your lighter and Just lightly burn the edges ( if it catchs fire blow it out qiuk)

Place your glue stick on the cheap work surface and open it and push out an ~3/4 an inch.

Take your lighter and lightly melt the glue so that it is soft but not hot enghough to burn you.

Using your fingers ppick up some glue and spread it around the edge. Do this librally you want a lot on each seam and edge

This step is importent it stops it fraying when in use

Leave it to dry

Step 3: Almost Finished

Once dry use a pair of cheap gloves and some super glue and spread it over the othr glue and then the tricky part:

Place some super glue on your fingers and run it down the inner seam by the opening

Step 4: Done

Okay that is it. I still need to finish the edge but I will update it soon when I'm done.

Follow me for the end part
or check for an update soon
or try be inventative

:) :) :)

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