Introduction: Quiktrip Drink Lids Camp Bunk Sign

My daughter is working at Girl Scout Camp this summer and likes to receive mail. Her dad helped me make this colorful sign featuring her camp name to send her. This is a great way to reuse brightly colored Quiktrip drink lids. Taking the Girl Scout Forever Green Pledge and making this craft would be an easy summer meeting..

These quick  to make, inexpensive hanging signs would also look great tied to tents or on the back of camp chairs.

Step 1: Supplies

Quiktrip drink lids (I used 4" diameter lids)
Foam/felt/paper (for letters)
Shoelace (or thick cord)

Step 2: Tools

Hole punch
Glue (Tacky glue for kid and indoor projects; waterproof glue for outdoor projects)
Toothpics, to spread glue
Q-tips, to wipe off excess glue

Step 3: Print Letters

My husband downloaded the Google font Londrina Solid and printed my daughter's camp name in 310px.

Step 4: Cut Out Letters

Roughly cut out letters. Hold paper template on top of foam, and cut out letters. It is easier to cut foam with sharp scissors.

Step 5: Glue Letters

Glue letters onto lids covering straw holes.

Step 6: Punch Holes

On top of lid, punch two holes 3/8" apart. I used a template to mark where I wanted to punch holes . Then I punched the holes using a hole punch.

Step 7: Thread Shoelace Through Holes

Complete the project by threading shoelace through holes from back to front. Now you are ready to tie your sign to your camp bunk, cot, or chair.

The same technique would make a great Fourth of July or swim team banner.

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