Quilled Best Wishes Card




Introduction: Quilled Best Wishes Card

I made a Quilled Best Wishes layered card.The main focal point is the Quilled peacock..

Supplies required:

Card stock


Blue,green distress inks or acrylic colors

Quilling strips in blue-green and yellow colors

Quilling needle

Any pen for writing the sentiment


Foam Tape.

Step 1: Prepare the Base Card

I made the base layer card using stenciling technique. Used blue and green distress inks for blend effect.

Step 2: Draw the Outline of Peacock

Take a Card stock of proportionally lesser in width and height than base card and draw the peacock outline.

Step 3: Start the Quilling Process

By keeping the drawing as outline start the quilling process.I used yellow ,blue and green Quilling strips and made it into a teardrop shape and started pasting them in the outline.

Step 4: Trace Around and Complete the Quilling Process

Take the Quilling strip and start pasting the strip around the outline.Use beehive technique to fill the free spaces.

Step 5: Complete the Card

After completing the Quilling process adhere the peacock layer to the base card using foam tape .I wrote the sentiment best wishes using golden uniball pen and its done.

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