Quilled Peacock Earring

Introduction: Quilled Peacock Earring

I couldnt take pictures of all the step as I didnt realise that it will come out well. I will be adding some pictures from the internet to take you through the process.

Step 1: Making the Body of Peacock

I made two loose circle first with blue strips ( as I said earlier that I haven't clicked pictures, so the pictures you will see are captured from internet) later I pinched from two sides and made it look like a leaf or a slug.

Made 6 tight circles for the head of the peacock.

Step 2: Feather

Later I made 10 petals using Malaysian Petal technique( Guess that's what its called). First join the two different colour strips as per your choice. I used a greed and the blue strips. The green one was half the size of the blue strip. I made a loose circle and kept them on sizzing board. I closed the loose end and later took the circle out. Now come the important part. you can just your fingers to shape the petals. The important thing is to make sure that each ends up the same size. I used the handle of my slotted quilling tool to wrap the petals around. Then pinch the ends together to make the teardrop shape. Now you need to wrap another strip around the border as per your colour choice

Step 3: Joining the Pieces

Just join the pieces of petals and body to make it look like peacock. Add a O ring with hook and TADA you are done

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    Very pretty peacocks. I have only dabbled in quilling - snowflakes, of course. But these look fun and I like the bright colors.