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Introduction: Quilled Peacocks

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The peacock is a gorgeous bird and I thought that it would look beautiful if quilled. This ended up being gorgeous! Without further adieu, here is the tutorial.

Step 1: Materials

For this peacock you will need:

1/8th strip black

1/4th strip white

1/2 strip dark blue

1/4th strip yellow

1/4th strip black

1 strip dark blue

1 strip pink

1/2 strip lime green

3 strips of lime green, cut into thirds, so 9 pieces

3 strips of pink, cut into thirds, so 9 pieces

Quilling Tool



Step 2: Making the Head

To make the head, glue the smallest strip of black to the white, and then attach the 1/2 strip of dark blue. Use the quilling tool to form a tight coil, and then glue down the end. This is the face.

To make the beak, take the yellow strip, and coil it into a tight circle, then open it up a very small amount. Glue down the end, and then use your fingers to form it into a triangle shape for the beak. Set aside.

To make the little "crown" on top of the peacock's head, take the other black piece (1/4th strip) and coil it into a tight coil, then loosen it a little bit, so that it is easier to squeeze. Glue down the end. Using your finger, squish the coil into an elongated triangle, trying to make the longest side rounded, so it better fits onto the bird's head.

To finish making the head, glue the crown on top of the bird's head, and glue the beak on the right side of the bird's head, like shown in the picture. Let dry.

Well done! You have completed the head, and now it's time to form the body.

Step 3: Making the Body

Glue the strip of dark blue to the strip of pink, and then attach the lime green (1/2 strip). Coil this, and then loosen it so that the diameter measures approximately 1 1/4 inches. Glue down the end. To form the shape, press one side of the coil to make a curved teardrop shape, and then repeat the process on the other side. (It's hard to explain. Look at the picture if you need help.)

Step 4: Making the Feathers

To make the feathers, you need to cut the 3 strips of pink and 3 strips of lime green into thirds, as mentioned in a previous step. Glue the green strip to the pink strip, and repeat for the other sections. Insert the green end into the quilling tool, and coil the strip up. Let loosen until the coil measures 1/2 inch in diameter. Glue down the end, and then shape it using the same process as for the body. Repeat with the other strips until you have 9 feathers.

Step 5: Adding the Feathers and Finishing the Bird

Glue the head of the peacock to the curve on the body (easier to look at the picture). Attach the feathers to thte bottom of the peacock in any fashion you like. You don not have to follow what I did. Let dry.

Congrats! You did it! Enjoy!

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