Introduction: Quilled Snowflake Ornament

Intended for ages 10+

The goal of this project is to help you create a beautiful yet inexpensive handmade ornament that you will be proud to give as a gift.

Time: Allow 2-3 hours so that you or your child don't feel rushed. This can be a tedious process so you may want to do this over the course of 2 evenings. It should be enjoyable and allow your child to learn a new craft that they can share.

Supplies Needed:
-White Acrylic Paint
-Craft Glue
-1/8" Wide White Quilling Paper (JoAnns or Hobby Lobby)
-Fishing Line (may substitute ribbon or yarn if that is what you have on hand)

Description of Shapes:
Hearts - formed by folding strip of paper in half and then rolling the ends toward the middle to make the shape of a heart.
Teardrops - formed by rolling strip of paper into circle, gluing and then pinching one end to form the shape of a teardrop.
S Scroll - formed by rolling the ends of strip of paper in opposite directions to form the shape of an "S'

Step 1:

Let's Begin:
1. Cut 34 pieces of quilling paper into 4" long strips.
2. Paint 6 toothpicks. Let Dry.
3. Clip toothpicks to 1.5" in length.
4. Cut 8" piece of fishing line (for hanger).

Step 2:

Roll one strip of paper into a circle that is 1/4" in diameter.

Step 3:

Glue fishing line to opposite sides of one toothpick to form hanger for ornament then glue toothpicks to center circle equidistant apart.

Step 4:

Make and glue 6 teardrops in middle of hearts. Glue heart/teardrop piece between toothpicks.

Step 5:

Make 24 S scrolls and glue to either side of each toothpick

Step 6:

Finished Snowflake.

Please Note: this ornament should be relatively sturdy but is still made of paper so keep that in mind when storing.