Introduction: Quilled Vintage Telephone Keychain

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Here is the tutorial on making this cute vintage telephone keychain. :)

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

  • Paper quilling strips.(3 mm and 5 mm )
  • Quilling tool.
  • Glue.

Step 2: Telephones Main Body.

  1. Before quilling the coil, glue together 6 strips of quilling strips.
  2. Insert a 5 mm paper strip in a slotted quilling needle.
  3. Keep quilling till you make a tight coil of the desired size.
  4. Pinch off the rounded sides to a point, and make a square as shown.
  5. Gule the end and secure it.

Step 3: ​Using Your Finger Gently Push From the Center of One Side of the Coil to Form a Cup Like Structure.

Apply glue on the inside.

Step 4: Telephones Receiver.

  1. Insert a 3 mm paper strip in a slotted quilling needle.
  2. Keep quilling till you make a tight coil.
  3. Glue the end so that the coil is secure.
  4. Using your finger gently push from the center of one side of the coil
  5. Apply a coat of glue on the inside of the cup and allow it to dry
  6. Make two such cups of same size.

Step 5: Make a Small Pipe Out of Paper Strip.

  1. Join the two small cups with glue at the two ends of pipe.
  2. Make a paper spring.
  3. Join all these parts together.

Step 6: Finally Glue the Telephones Dial.

Step 7: Join the Chain.

Your key chain is ready!

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