Introduction: Quilling Mother and Daughter in a Moonlight Dream-garden

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Hello Friends. First of all, I want to thank you for stopping by.

Beautiful designs are made using Paper strips are called quilling.

I heard about paper quilling from one of my friend, and found its amazing.

I just love to create new designs, jewellery, wall art using quilling Method.

So here I tried to make something, which is new and different to me - A combination of Painting with quilling.

I make a background painting using acrylic colours and decorate it with quilled flowers.

"Quilling Mother and daughter in a Moonlight dream-garden" -

My best-ever Mothers day Gift which is completely handmade.I am also planning for framing my Art, but still not done, once it is framed, I upload that too. Keep in touch.

Here, in this project I use 12x18 inch Canvas board as base.

When I started this project, I was not aware about the contest, so initial photographs are not taken, sorry for that.

Step 1: Things Need for This Project

To make this project I have use some easy techniques so that any one who love to do quilling can do it.

  1. 12 x 18 inch Canvas Board
  2. acrylic colors
  3. Flat brushes
  4. 3 mm Paper Strips ( I use ready made paper strips, you can make your own using a cutter machine).
  5. Glue (Fevicol)
  6. Quilling Tools ( quilling slotted tool, tweezers, scissors)
  7. Half sticky beads for decoration.

Step 2: Step 2: Background Coloring and Draw a Rough Sketch

I use acrylic colours and flat brushes for background painting.

after Background colour, I draw a sketch of tree, clouds and moon.

To colour the tree I use ....... acrylic colour.

And at last I draw Mother and daughter and colour too.

(This mother daughter idea I got from internet, its not my original idea, but colouring and drawing is my original work.)

Now the Basic background ready for quilling Work.

Now lets start the quilling work.

Step 3: Step 3: Making Different Types of Shape

In this project I use very simple shapes like Petal shape, swirl S shape, tear drops, tight rolls, fan-fold for grass making, curved half circle.

Loose coil:

Insert one end of your paper strip into the slot on the end of the tool. This will hold the strip in place. Now start rolling the paper.

You can use Circle Size board for exact size of loose roll. Glue at the end of the coil so that it won't unroll again.

Petal shape:

Make a slightly lose roll & pinch the both end to form petal shape.

Many dark and light yellow coloured petal shape to make flowers. Kindly refer the picture for reference.

swirl S shape:

I cut my paper strips in 1/8th of its original length, and use 4 of them to make swirl S shape. I use this to decorate mother's dress.

Tear Drop shape:

I use 1/4th size of my strips for small tear drops. First make one tight roll, and then slightly press in one end and give shape of tear drop. These small tear drops are used to make little cute grass flowers.

Fan-fold for grass making:

To make grass use fan-fold technique as shown in picture below. And lastly glue it properly.

Green grass made using full strips and also sometime half strips too.

Curved half circle shape:

Make a very loose roll using half paper strips, fold it from middle and press both the end firmly to make curved half circle.

These curved half circle used to make small flowers.

making Owl:

For What we need:

One big tight roll (size as required), two Curved tear drops for wings, two curved petals for eyebrows, 1/4 + 1/2 +1/2 strips tight roll for eyes, very small 2 tear drops for legs and one small diamond shape beak.

I also prepared a quilling shape chart, and am attaching those two charts in this intractable.

Step 4: Step 4 : Arrangement of Quilling Shapes and Decoration

Lastly, I arrange all the quilling shapes, flowers, grasses, Owls....

An amazing Handmade Mother Day Gift ready to brighten up your wall ....!!

Hope you also enjoy the my journey - "make a Mother Day handmade Gift ”.

Hope my description is helpful for you guys..

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