Introduction: Quilling Wall Decor: DIY Princess Frame for Wall Decoration.

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Making Quilling art home decorations is kind of, my favorite pastime. There is no other way that I feel more satisfied than this time of making Quilling wall decoration art. Make this amazing Princess Quilling Wall DecorIdea and give your living room decorations a totally new look.Handmade Quilling wall decor crafts for wall decor give you the feeling of adding a personal touch to your home decorations. Quilling art is something that attracts every crafter thanks to its simplicity and the variety of crafts that you can make using it.

Let us have a look athow to make a DIY Princess Frame for Wall Decoration that makes a charming wall decor idea for girl's room.

Step 1: Gather Your Quilling Supplies

Start making your DIY Princess Wall Quilling Art by getting together your craft supplies.

Red and White colored papers


Craft Glue

Quilling Needle

Quilling strips




Step 2: Let's Get Started.

Begin by drawing the outline of the princess on the red colored paper by the help of a white paper stencil.

Divide and cut a quilling strip into 4 equal parts and make small tight coils.

Start pasting the coils to form a pattern on the upper body dress.

Step 3: Make More of Coils!

Divide and cut yellow and blue strips into 4 equal parts.

Take 1/4th of each strip and paste them together.

Make dual colored tear drop shaped coils and shape them with your fingers.]

Paste them on the waistline of the princess to form a pattern on her upper body.

Also paste vertical quilling strips, in the space between the tight coils and the tear drop shaped ones.

Step 4: Build Your Craft!

Cut out the Princess' body from the red paper and stick it on a thick white paper, with the help of a cutter.

Make the skirt of the princess by cutting and pasting yellow quilling strips vertically.

Next, take half a blue strip and paste and join it with a yellow quilling strip. Make loose coils with it.

Paste these loose coils on the border of the dress and give them a border of closed tight coils.

Step 5: Complete the Dress,hat and Shoes!

Cut and divide the quilling strips in to 8 parts and paste them in between the previously pasted yellow strips.

Take a yellow and blue strips and make a loose coil to shape it like a hat. paste with glue.

Join half of blue and yellow strips and make the shoes for the princess.

Step 6: Your DIY Quilling Princess Is Ready!

And there you have it friends! your very own creation of Quilling art wall decor idea in the form of a DIY Quilling Princess Wall Frame looks sensational! How classy does the princess look in her hat, prom dress and cute shoes. There is a different look and feel about this wonderful and pretty Princess Quilling Wall Decor that can totally bring zing to a girl's room. This DIY Quilling princess is a sure hit with girl's room decoration idea.

So get set and make this amazingly beautiful DIY Princess Quilling Home Decoration Idea and bag some compliments from all!