Quilling in a Frame




Introduction: Quilling in a Frame

This is a simple quilling composition created as a gift.

Step 1: Materials

- a frame paperboard;

- strips of paper 3 mm wide, 15 cm length: pink, red, green;

- quilling tool, paint brush, painting knife and glue;

- gold and brown acrylic colors;

- a turquoise crackling color;

- glitter and varnish;

Step 2: Preparing the Frame

The frame is covered by the acrylic gold color and after drying,

I added the crackling paste using the knife.

On the ellipsoid line I added glitter for covering the imperfections

of the board.

Step 3: The Quilling Flower

- there are the basic quilling elements: tear drops for flowers and
leaves and two tight coils for the bud;

- I bonded them in place and painted the stem;
- two drops of glitter were added in the center of the flowers;

- after drying the glue, everything is covered by one layer of varnish.

This is my gift for a friend!

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    5 years ago

    So often the frame is an afterthought but this frame is part of the beauty! I love the whole design. Thank you for sharing!

    Suzana 1
    Suzana 1

    Reply 5 years ago

    You are right! The frame is "part of the beauty" because it was the central idea. I wanted to see the efect of the crackling color. The flower came after...

    Thank you very much for your thoughts!