Introduction: Quilling Peacock

paper quilling has always been fun,and today let me show you an elegant piece of art you can make with simple paper quilling and few materials.

Step 1: Required Materials

1) 5mm quilling strips (white or cream colored)
2) black thick paper
3) white color pencil
4) craft glue
5) quilling tool
6) scissors
once you have gathered all the supplies you are all set to start this amazing project

Step 2: Getting Started...

Draw a rough outline of the peacock with the body and feathers. This gives you a rough idea of how many quilled scrolls you would need and also makes the sticking easier. Once you are satisfied proceed further.
For the body I used half of the quilling strip scrolled it and pinched it to form a tear drop shaped scroll. For the body I used 1/4th of a strip to make each tear drop shaped scroll.
Once you are done with sufficient number... arrange them and see if it would be to fill your picture outline.

once you are some go ahead and stick them firmly with any craft glue.

Step 3: Making the Neck of Peacock

For the neck of the peacock I used the beehive technique of paper quilling... this will take a little time and patience. Carefully stick the quilled strips in a line... one line at a time

Step 4: Outlining

once you are done with the feathers body and neck of the peacock and the stick strips have dried firmly apply glue and run a strip along the border to give a body to the picture.

Step 5: Connecting the Feathers

now measure the lines in between the feathers one at a time, cut it and stock it to the feathers, connecting one after the other
This is the most difficult part of the project... slowly patiently try doing it one at a time.

Step 6: It's Done !!!!

the finished piece would look like this...
It is complete... frame it to decorate your own wall or gift it to someone special... isn't it beautiful !!!!

hope you liked it, please do comment and vote for me.
Thank you instructables for such a good platform to share art. :)

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