Introduction: Quilt Rack

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This is a nice little project that can be made in an afternoon. The simple design allows for easy construction with only a few basic tools. All joints are interference fit with glue added for extra strength. Note that this rack was built by my father in-law so the documentation is post build.

Step 1: Tools/Materials


  • Jig, Band or Scroll Saw
  • Drill
  • 1” Diameter Bit
  • Sander
  • Tape Measure
  • T Square
  • Compass
  • Pencil


  • 1x12 x 5.5’
  • 1x4 x 28”
  • Wood Rod – 1” Diameter x 8’
  • Glue
  • Paint or Stain

Step 2: You Will Build to This Drawing

Step 3: Sides

Cut the 1x12 down to 11” x 32.5”. Make two of these. On one of the boards, measure off the outer dimensions as shown. Use the T-square and compass for accuracy. Attach the two boards together with screws or nails in places that will be removed during the cut. Drill the 1 inch diameter holes in the top section. Next, drill a hole in the bottom notch area. Use a jig saw to cut the rectangular notch. The decorative notch at the top is optional but it does provide a nice place to grab if you are moving the rack covered in quilts. If you add it, use the same process as above. Lastly, using a Jig, Band or Scroll saw, cut the board along your outer sketched lines. You should now have two identical pieces. Depending on how well you used the jig saw, you might want to clean up the rounded edges at this point.

Step 4: Rods/Brace

Cut the 1” diameter wood rod to 28”. Repeat to make three rods. For the brace, cut the 1x4 to 28” long. Create the notches on the end as shown using the jig saw.

Step 5: Assemble

Place glue into the holes and notch of one of sides. Place side on floor. Insert the three rods and brace into holes/notch. Add glue to the other side and place onto rods/notch. Make sure both ends are flush. Remove excess glue and allow to dry.

Step 6: Stain or Paint

Sand as needed and stain or paint as desired.

Step 7: Added Touch

As an added touch, this wheatsheaf carving was added on both of the sides.

Step 8: Final Product

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