Introduction: Colourful English Tea Party Invitations and Watercolour Envelopes

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Tea party is a special thing that doesn't get old. Make your friends anticipate it even more by making handmade invitations that will set the theme for your party. Mine were inspired by summer, hats, fresh exotic fruits and flowers, and bright colours!

The envelopes were originally simply white. But I decided to make them handmade and happy by some bright watercolour!

Step 1: Materials

To make the invitations gather:

favourite black and white prints

tissue paper


prints of flowers, fruits or other and some quotes to glue on the card

To make watercolour envelopes gather:




blank white envelopes

Step 2: Making the Invitation

Cut out the silhouettes of the subject on your chosen picture.

Cut out a card slightly smaller then the envelope. Make sure it fits into the envelope.

Step 3: The Background

Tissue paper makes a wonderful backdrop for the card.

Cut out a tissue rectangle a bit larger then the card, glue it on and then cut off the excess.

Step 4: Decorating

Glue the silhouette on the card. You can leave it there for a more elegant card, but I made mine more tropical inspired.

Cut out the fruits and flowers you have chosen and glue on your card, where it looks the best. Flowers look really nice on the black-and-white hats of the ladies.

The back of the card is blank for you to write the invitation!

Step 5: Watercolour Envelopes

Start on one side. Dab some water and then add some paint with paintbrush. Add more water, as you paint the whole surface. The effect must be uneven and watery. After the whole surface is painted, you can tilt the envelope so the water runs down and the results are more watercoulourish.

Step 6: Finishing the Envelopes

Dab with a towel, to remove extra water and let dry. When dry, paint the other side.

Place envelopes between sheets of newspaper or other lightweight paper, put under a heavy book, and leave them to dry.

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