Introduction: Quix Shower Curtain Fix

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Is your shower curtain sagging?  Is your floor sopping wet? Sure you can fix your shower curtain with scotch tape.  But, here is a minimalist suggestion for a quick shower curtain fix.  With only 1 tool and 3-5 minutes of work time, you really can not go wrong. 

Tape Method
Over time the tape loses its adhesiveness.  The bathroom environment does not lend well to the tape approach.  Steam will work its way under the tape, once that happens the original issue, the rip, has not been dealt with effectively.  My option saves using tape and will give you an extra hole to hold the curtain.

The overarching issue is the shower/bath tub curtain rod is not solid, it is 2 rods.  The rings have to move over the lip where the 2 rods overlap, 1/2 the time they become hung up.  When that happens, people, unintentionally, pull down harder (instead of lifting up and over), adding more stress to the plastic to overcome the obstacle.  The benefit of this design is the extra weight of the user pulling down on the curtain is distributed over more of the plastic surface via the extra holes.  So change the behavior and spare the shower curtain or add extra holes to some of the loops.  This issue occurs the most with the 2 hanger holes at either end of the curtain.

The intent of this instructable is to
1)  provide an alternative to the premature replacement of the shower curtain,
2)  encourage you to engage in a Do It Yourself franchise and community.

Step 1: A Poem

T'was the night before Thanksgiving, my life was a stir,
for days before had been no less than a blur.
The guests had arrived in droves and by number.
Now they were settling down for a pre-Tday slumber.

But what to my wondering eyes I did spy,
the sagging shower curtain and began to sigh.
“Why didn’t I remember…" no sooner had I said those ill-fated words,
that I looked around in vain,
so no one would see me complain.

I sprang to my workbench with such a matter,
before I could get any madder.
More rapid than eagles my ideas they did come,
I whistled, and whispered, moving on to something more fun.
From the top of my workbench;
to the bottom of my tool wall. 
Dash away, plash away, need not fret at all. 

I bound down the hall with a twinkling eye,
my feet barely touching as if I could fly. 
I surveyed my task with relish and delight. 
With the tool in my hand and the curtain in sight. 
I went to work as a matter of fact
with this simple shower curtain hack.

Step 2: Tool

Hole Punch

Skill Level

Time to Complete
3-5 minutes

Step 3: Procedure

Fold the curtain with the hole as the center.

Step 4: Align the Hole Punch Off to the Side

Step 5: Squeeze the Handle and Rotate

Step 6: Remove the Hole Punch and the Plastic Chad

Step 7: Put the Curtain Hook Thru the 2 New Holes

Repeat for each hole if necessary.

Step 8: Observations & Summary

1) The benefits of this design are the weight of the curtain is distributed over more plastic surface via the extra holes. 
2) The plastic is strong around the new holes, not weak by the existing rip when using the tape method.
3) The area that is most susceptible is the 2 (two) hanger holes at either end of the curtain.  If you add a second hole at each of those hangers, then you should push the inevitable off for awhile, if not avoid it before you replace the curtain.

The shower curtain has stood up for more than 8 months and still going.  I am satisfied with these results.

Step 9: Addendum

I have a favorable update.  During the evaluation period I found the shower curtain hole next to the original repair, ripped.  I had done a visual inspection of each of the shower curtain holes for signs of stress or rips.  There were no visible signs.  So I did what any minimalist would do, only fixed the broken part. 

This incident has given me a chance to test the durability of the repair.  So what does that say about the strength of the repair?  I would have to say it passed with high marks.

Judge for yourself.  You could wait until you replace the curtain or prolong the current curtain.  At any time you can double up on each of the shower curtain hanger support holes.  In any case it is at your command to implement this Quix Shower Curtain Fix.

Then I saw, and considered it well. I looked upon it, and received instruction..