Introduction: Quotes in a Box

Welcome to my first Instructable!
"Quotes in a Box" is a gift I've been making for Secret Santa since I was 9. The gift can also be given for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and just cause you're stuck with empty matchbox.

I hope you'll enjoy!






Step 1: Create the Paper Notes

Measure the paper and mark it with the matchbox.

Cut the paper according to the marks.

If needed - adjust the paper notes to make them fit in the matchbox.

Step 2: Write Qoutes

Write your favorite quotes.

If you don't know any - Google is your best friend :)

decorate it as you wish.

Note - Be creative!

Even though that it's called "Quotes in a Box" you don't have to use quotes!

Step 3: Decorate the Box

Cut a paper so it will wrap the box.

Glue the paper to the box.

Decorate it as you wish.

Step 4: You're Done! Congratulation!