Introduction: R2-D2 Based Robot

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thank you for spending time on my instructable, i really appreciate it and sorry if i have grammar mistakes, i'm 13 and i'm asian.

this is my second instructable, this is a robot that is based on r2 d2. his name is G1-V1, this is a robot for the arduino contest

and again, thanks alot for seeing this, i hope you enjoy this instructable as much as i do writing it.

this is what G1-V1 can do:

-bluetooth controlled

-lcd display

-shock people (like in the movies)

-be your bed

And the file up there is the drive test of this robot, i haven't make the full yet, sorry

Step 1: Materials

here is what you're going to need

-Arduino uno r3

-hc-05 (bluetooth module)

-l298n motor control module

-2 motor

-android phone( i don't know how to control with ios) or a laptop with Bluestacks -small bread board


- 3.7v ultra fire batteries x 2

- battery holder ( yes, i don't know what it is called)

- plastic things( last pic)

- cutted in half plastic balls

-round plastic box

- know how to add libraries in arduino( it is quite complicated, at least for me)

-18 white leds

-circuit panel

-shock mechanism( by from the gag gift stores, something like a shock pen)

Step 2: The Body

drill hole at the 2 sides of the box ,the holes must be on a straight line, or 4 holes, 2 lines

screw in the plastic things

screw the motor in the plastic things

actually, just do as the picture

Step 3:

Step 4: Codes and Options

the code part, download the code from this file ans remember to add library for liquid crystal I2-C
l have 2 files here, the r2- d1 is the the code for your robot to move and bea lamp and have lcd display, shick people.
the other one is for controlling 2 more motors to do whatever you want
the app for r2 d1 is "robroCarTut "with picture of a r2 unit ( picture number 3)
the second app is "robot control app" with a picture of a home made R2( not mine)
you can find both apps in the gallery in MIT app inventor 2.

Step 5: Small Parts( But Important )

1. Shock mechanism
Take the shock mechanism out of a shock pen( for example) , well the shock mechanism is activated when we push the button and the electricity will come from the source to the button, so track and pull out the wires that leads to the buttons and turn them out like a horn so you can go around a poke people with your shock mechanism. Like r2' s claws

link all + and - of the leds together like this picture, put do it with 18 leds

Step 6: Finish

put everything in the plastic jar and you are ready to go

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