R2D2 From the "Star Wars" Movies

Introduction: R2D2 From the "Star Wars" Movies

"In a galaxy far far away . . . "I created a version of R2D2 on the 123 Design program. This is recreated to look like R2D2. You can make your R2D2 any color you want. As shown above is a 3-D printed version of R2D2. 

Here Are The Dimensions (The pictures are in order above to have as a reference):

Body: 10 mm Radius / 20mm height

Silver Button: 1.5 mm Radius

Blue Silver Button Containment: 4mm x 5mm x .3mm

Blue Square on Stomach: 7mm x 4mm x .3mm

White Squares x 2: 3mm x 3mm x .1mm

Blue Neck: 11 mm Radius / 2mm Height

White Ring: Major Radius 4mm / Minor Radius 1mm

Small Leg: 5mm x 5mm x 1mm 

Head: 9mm Radius

Eye: 2mm Radius

Square Surrounded Eye: 6mm x 4mm x 4mm

Box Surrounding Red Button: 3mm x 5mm x .3mm

Red Button: 1.2mm Radius

Leg x 2: 5mmx 5mm x 25mm

Front Foot: 5mm x 7mm x 4mm

Side Foot x 2: 4mm x 3mm x 7mm

Blue Design on Leg x 2: 15mm x 2mm x 3mm

Wheel on Foot x 2: Major Radius 1mm / Minor Radius 1mm

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