Introduction: R2D2 Charcoal Grill ( ChaR2D2)


This is a follow up to my previous instructable (

Here I built a charcoal grill that looks like R2D2. It will compliment my Darth Vader and Boba Fett stoves.

Fellow arhees suggested to call it ChaR2D2 - too funny to pass up!

I'm still learning how to weld, so most of the welds you see will be far from perfection.


  • a welder
  • a grinder
  • a hammer
  • personal protective equipment: goggles, gloves, welding mask


  • two propane tanks
  • 16 ga steel plates
  • grate
  • some random pieces of scrap metal


Step 1: Body

Use two propane tank. Make sure they are empty.

I drilled a pilot hole in them, and left them baking in the hot Texas sun to make sure all the expanding gas was gone. That might have been an overkill, but I didn't want to risk it.

(A fellow dhague recommended a foolproof way of ensuring that there is no gas left in the canister.
Take the valve off and fill it with water. Once full, all the gas has been displaced. Thanks, dhague!)

Cut the bottom of one tank and the top off the other one. I secured the tanks to the table by holding them with the straps.

Weld them together to have a longer cylinder.

Remove the paint by grinding it off.

Step 2: "Feet"

R2D2 has 3 'feet' made out of 16 ga steal plates that I bought from a hardware store.
I traced and cut out 3 'bow tie' looking pieces, bent them, and welded angular plates.

Step 3: 'Legs'

Yet again, I used 16 ga steal plates.

I traced the patterns you see in the picture, cut them out and bent them.

I used an old bed rail for legs and scraps of 4 in pipe to join the legs to the body.

Weld it all together and grind off the ugly welds.

Step 4: The 'grill' Part

The top and the door were cut out.

I made openings in the door for air flow, added a latch and a hinge.

I added a grill and made sure it was fairly leveled inside as the R2D2 was slanted.

Another hinge was added to the lid, and a primitive handle was added as well.

Step 5: Paint and Enjoy

A high temp grill paint was used.

The body was painted matte black and I highlighted some of the pieces with the glossy black.

Thanks for viewing !!