I'm from Taiwan and I'm 13 years old, and my name is Chia-Ying Wu.Our family has a rabbit, he often plays hide-and-seek with us. It likes to hide in the corner next to the sofa, but because the sight is blocked by the sofa, we often can't find it. So I decided to design a device that could judge the rabbit in the corner from where the sofa was blocked, and if the device would turn on the lights and tell us that the rabbit was hiding, it would n't take time to find the rabbit.

Step 1: Edit the Program

When we use ultrasound waves to detect a distance of less than 61 or greater than 65 (the original distance between the device and the floor is 62), it indicates that something (rabbit) is present, and then the LED light will glow.(The distance is displayed on the screen in order to know what the problem is when the device fails)

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble the circuits on the Arduino UNO, then put them in a box and put the LED lamp cover on the hood.

Step 3: The Actual Test

Secure the device to the wall and let the rabbit do the actual test to confirm that there is no problem, and it's done!