Introduction: RAINBOW Beuty CUPCAKES

Beautiful cupcakes will leave you speechless, they are super easy and breathtaking

Cupcake mix(butter, water)
Food color
cupcake holders


Step 1: ADD Some Color!

Follow the box instructions and make the dough.
When is ready put it in separate paper cups and add the color, put lots that way the color could end up more brilliant mix them very good.

Step 2: Almost Ready

Put a small amoun of each mix on each cup cake. A thin layer remember in the over will expan, at lest 3/4 of the paper cupcake.
Start with purple, then blue, green, yellow, orange, red.
Put them on the oven and follow the box instructions

Step 3: Yummy Ready

Now carefull get the off the oven and as simple enjoy if u want decorate them but is really not needed because is already pretty.
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