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I love roses, they are beautiful, they smell divine and are extremly tasty!

My grandma made traditional jams from them, that means with cooking. I, on other hand, want to keep all the goods. That's why I mainly do raw rose petals in sugar.

Step 1: What Species of Roses Are Perfect for Preserves:

Damask rose

Rosa centifolia

Rosa rugosa

Rose Louise Odier

Step 2: What Do You Need?

1 cup of sugar, it can be sugar of your choice brown, white ect

2 cups of rose petals of your choice

Step 3: Optional

You can cut the bitter end of the rose petals

Step 4: How to Make It?

Put all ingredients in kitchen mortar with pestle and pound it on homogeneous mass

Step 5: How to Use It?

add it to all desserts

to teas, herbal teas

make rose candies from it , simply heat it on pan, till it will dissolve and pour into molds

Step 6: How to Preserve It for Later?

version 1

put rose petals with sugar to jars , pasteurize for 10 mins and put under blanket for next 2 hours

it will easy last for whole year, I kept few jars in basement for 2 years and there where still perfect

version 2
cook rose petals with sugar and pour it to jars (it won't be raw)

Step 7: Bon Appetit!

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