Introduction: RC Car Battery Mod - Works for Any RC

RC Car Battery Mod - Works For Any RC

Step 1: Intro

Hello my friends. I bought a cheap car on Banggood, it's quite big and works well. The speed isn’t fast so the kids can control it and they like it. The battery that comes with the car is not good. So I have to mod it with my old laptop battery for a much more active time. Old car batteries I use for other devices. Here I share with you how mod the battery, this way can apply to most types of cheap cars, boat…Good luck.

Step 2: Part List

1. Battery from an old laptop battery

2. Battery Voltage Tester

3. DC-DC Adjustable Step Up Power Module

4. JST Male & Female Connectors

5. TP4056 Micro USB 5V 1A Lithium Battery Charging Protection Board

Step 3: Let's Start

We'll disconnect you car battery, remove PVC heat shrink tube and split your battery for remote...

Step 4: Soldering

We'll cut a nickel strip for spot welding. It will make it easier to solder. We'll soldering JST connector, MT3608, TP4056

Step 5: Setup and Test

1. MT3608

We'll set voltage about 5 volts If your car use 4 cell Ni-Cd A cell Ni-Cd between 1.25 - 1.35 volts.

2. Battery voltage tester

We must use battery voltage tester to protect your battery. Press the button to change the voltage setting. It will save your current setting automatically. I'll set 2.7 volts.

3. Battery Charging

We can use any charger, TP4056 is a good idea since it's cheap.

4. We'll put our battery voltage tester any where we can see it

Thank you for reading.