Introduction: Bluetooth RC Car Using L293D & HC-05

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Hey! Guys How You all doing!

Today I am Here With My First Arduino Instructable.

It is A Bluetooth Controlled RC Car Using Only L293D IC (No Motor Shields).You Can Use Motor Drivers/H-Bridge Also.

The Car Works Well! Also I Designed The App..Please Have a Look At it.

I wanted to have the information I learned in one place, and easy to Understand.Comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated as I'm still trying to learn all this stuff.

Hope You All Like It :)

Let's Start!!

Step 1: What We Need

1.Arduino UNO

2.L293D IC Or H-Bridge

3.HC-05 Bluetooth Module



6.2xDC Motors

7.9V Battery Or Power Bank

8.Jumper Wires

Step 2: Getting the Chasis Ready

You Can Make A Chasis Just Like Me.


You Can Buy A Readymade One.

For Making A Chasis:-1)Find A Rectangular Wooden or Plastic Plate.

2)Attach The Motors to It With the Help Of Glue Gun Or Double Sided Tapes.

Step 3: Summing Up the Circuit

Wire Up The Circuit According To the schematics.

Just Follow One By One Wire And You Will Do It Perfectly

Note:-1)If The Motors Behave in Opposite Direction,Just Reverse The Polarity.

2)If You Are Using 5V Motors,Then You Can Connect the Pin 8 Of the L293D To 5V Of Arduino.(No Need Of Extra Battery)

Step 4: Uploading the Code

Upload The Code To Arduino.

Remember To Disconnect The VCC Pin Of HC-05 Before Uploading Code.

Step 5: Downloading the APP

The App is for Android In APK Format.

Download It And Enjoy!

Step 6: Get Set Go

Have A Look At The Video!

Step 7: The 2nd App

Download it:-

In This Just Select The Console And Assign Values -

Forward - a Left - b Stop - c Right - d Reverse - e

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