Introduction: RC Car for School

Materials needed:

1) 2 PVC pipe T-Connectors

2) 1 3 inch long piece of PVC piping

3) 2 motors (make sure they can fit inside your pipe)

4) 4-5 feet of wire

5) 4 wheels

6) 2 small nails (will be used as axles for your wheels)

7) 2 switches (buttons will work as well)

8) a piece of wood (for your remote)

Step 1: Connect PVC Pipes

Connect your PVC T-Connectors with your 3 inch long piece of PVC pipe (hot glue to keep them together and make sure they are straight)

Step 2: Step 2


Get a thin piece of wood and glue it to the top of your pipe

Step 3: Run Wires

Start by drilling a hole through the PVC pipe make sure you do it at the point where the T-Connectors and the straight piece connect (also through the wood if you have some)

Next connect some of your wire to the ends of your motors and the other end through the hole so you have wires sticking out

Step 4: Connect the Front Wheels

Once you have that all done the next step is front wheels

You will need to cut round circles that fit inside your pipe then put a nail through the center and a wheel on that so that the wheel spins but nothing else

Step 5: The Wiring

The next and final step is wiring connect your remote wire (3 or so feet long) to the wires of the motors all motor are different so there will be different ways to make them spin forward and back so you will need to figure that out so wire it so you have 2 wires running up to the remote 1 that if you touch it to the battery then the car will go forwards and one to make it go back

Next you will need to wire to your switches you will need to find out what kind of switches you have but mine where 3 pronged so we will use that so what you need to do is put one wire to the center and one on one side that way you have 2 of the 3 prongs being used so one direction is on and the other is off and to the same thing for your reverse switch your next step will be to connect the batteries to that as well so that when you have the switch on off the car is off and when it is on it is on.