RC Generators

Introduction: RC Generators

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In this build we will show you how to make a generator with an RC motor.

Step 1: The Base of the Build

You will need a piece of cardboard for the base. the recommend size is 7x7 inches.

Step 2: Motors

The preferably size motor is a 220 any thing smaller won't work

Step 3: Wire

The wire is to turn the drive shaft on the motor. Number 24 or 30 wire will do.

Step 4: Light Bulb

the light you will need is a 1.5 volt 25 mA for generator

Step 5: Last Step to Make the Generator

last but not least wrap the wire counter clock wise of the drive shaft of the motor.

Step 6: To Power the Light

Connect the light to the two little tabs on the back make sure to twist the light wires around the tabs

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    4 years ago

    How does the generator work? What can you do with it? Does it produce a lot of electricity?

    ManLy Manson
    ManLy Manson

    Reply 3 years ago

    randofo the generator only only works for a few seconds its not a longer lasting generator in is just ment to be a little fun DIY for people to do.

    ManLy Manson
    ManLy Manson

    3 years ago

    are the stick really need tho or can you just put it on cardboard but you guys made a very good generator.

    ManLy Manson
    ManLy Manson

    3 years ago on Step 6

    I made the Generator very easyly the instructions were very simple we made in 15 min.