Introduction: RC Helicopter S64F Skycrane

You have a casual RC heli and want a really cool rotor craft? Then you are in the right section!

Of course you could buy a pre-fabricated kit of VARIO 6400 Air Crane, but that model would be 2m long! Mine is just a handy "pocket" heli of the 450 class (80cm long fuselage).

Step 1: Fuselage Build-up

Materials used:

Aramid/Fiber glass sandwich panels

Depron (expanded Polystyrol, 6mm and 3mm)

Plywood 1mm and 4mm



Brass profiles

ABS profiles/Sheets

ABS from 3D printer

Step 2: Tail Rotor Modification

I bought a modification kit of a Company I do not mention here. The kit contained such a bad Quality of parts and material that I threw away everything but the belt. This for safety reasons. If you Research in the internet you will quickly know what kit I mean (450 heli class).

The kit I got was not well designed: one pully came as a injection molded part and was not round at all. even worse, the pully was mounted on a screw thread. This is bad engineering. Further, the structure was not stiff enough.

So I desided to improve the design and build it up again. See Cad data at the end of this instructables.

Step 3: Building the Landing Gear

To build this landing gear with springs inside, you Need a lathe and a milling machine. CNC is not required.

The front gear is soldered brass and has an integrated spring as well.

Step 4: Integration of Mechanics

The Elite Blade B450 3D mechanics just suits into my heli carcasse. Everything must be built to resist the vibrations and forces acting during flight.

Step 5: Detail Work

Designed on CAD and printed on a 3D printer ( in ABS. The engines and other parts are printed in several parts and then glued together and sanded.

Step 6: Fine Tuning

Surfaces sanded and filled with filler. than sanded again and primered

Step 7: Paint and Finish

yeah, the Colors come into the air brush!

Step 8: Cat Walk

No comments.

Step 9: Your Turn! Here Is the Data to Do It

Ok, that was my work. Let me know If you want to do the same. Here are some data to get you started.

Step 10: Up in the Air...

Some pictures and a test flight movie. As you can see, the heli is not trimmed well at that point.

update 19-09-2018: new flight video available. enjoy!