Introduction: RC Left Hand Steering LHS Pistol Transmitter Mod. Flysky Fs-gt3c 2.4Ghz

Flysky FS-GT3C 2.4Ghz 3CH AFHDS Transmitter.

I am sure this mod must have been made by others, because it's just so simple,

But I haven't seen it posted for everyone to see !!

The USA is a huge marketplace for RC.

In America we all know it is quite normal to drive Left Hand Steering automobiles, using the right foot for Throttle and Brake.

In the RC world things are different. Steer with the Right Hand and use the Left for Throttle and Brake.

Some of us would prefer to drive RC - 'Left Hand Steering'. Transmitters are available, but they are usually expensive.

Here is a very simple modification to the excellent Flysky FS-GT3C 2.4Ghz 3CH AFHDS Transmitter including receiver (around $50) to make it LHS. Left Hand Steering.

OKAY, It doesn't change round the LCD screen / trimmers etc, BUT it's perfectly usable for general and club action.

Step 1: Dismantle the Transmitter

1, Remove the soft handle grip. Unscrew the 6 screws that hold the two halves of the pistol.

plus the screw hiding under the little spongy plug near the USB socket.

2, Unscrew the 2 screws that hold the steering wheel extension to the right hand side of main body.

3, carefully unplug the steering wheel control wires from the circuit board socket. (be careful, don't damage anything)

4, Feed the wires with plug attached, out and away from R.H.S. body.

Step 2: Doing the Mod

5, Look at the Left Hand Side of the pistol body.

Decide where it is the best position for attaching the Steering Wheel and it's extension. (see picture for the location I chose for mine)

6, Offer the steering wheel into position. (It won't fit flush until a couple of holes are made). Mark where two tiny holes need to be drilled, check for clearance to circuit board. When happy, go ahead & drill two tiny holes.

7, Using a dremel (or something similar) make a slot in the body to enable the steering wheel to fit flush. Try not to cut too much away, just where it's needed. Make a hole for the wire and plug to pass through.

8, Locate the steering wheel into it's new position, with the wire and plug fed thru' it's new hole. Then attach with original screws into the tiny holes. The screws will tap there own thread in the body. Refit the plug into circuit board.

Step 3: Re-assembly

9, Re-assembly, ensure the wire is positioned away from any mechanism.

Offer the wheel and LHS pistol body into position and replace all the screws ( except the 'now' inaccesable one behind steering extension. Replace spongy plug and soft handle.

Job Done. Enjoy !!