Introduction: R/C Toilet Paper Roll

2019 way before the Toilet Paper Panic i got interested in Battlebots and making my own bot. ... This is the result of that !

Please note: this is not a electronics tutorial/build nor i'm going to go over how that works, it was a challenge but there is a lot of important information out there including FB Battlebots groups to whom i thank for their help and support.

Step 1:

But before that i did some research from many sources to understand what were the parts i needed to buy and how would the work together as i had 0 knowledge about building and r/c car.

So those are the parts i settled for this build.

1 - 450 mAh 2S Battery

1 - 2 PIN Male Female JTS

1 - Dual ESC

2 - N20 Micro Gearmotor

2 - Wheels

1 - Ball Caster

1 - Remote and Receiver

1 - Battery Charger

Step 2: Making the Base and Adding the Wheels

I knew i wanted this build to be an in progress build. No preparing, no CAD just go with the flow so i grabbed a bag full of popsicle sticks and began to make the base that would hold the electronics.

So began by placing 3 of those sticks next to each other and the cut small pieces of to cover the hight, making sure to glue them with hot glue.

Then i cut the base to size based on the measurement of the length on the paper tube minus the size of the motor/wheel assembly.

Finally i place the motor/wheel and secure it to the base with some rubber bands

Step 3: Cut Out for the Wheels

With both wheels on the base i project the location of the wheel to the tube and the proceed to cut them out.

I then made a mark to the location where i would want those motor cables to past through and drilled 1 hole for each.

Finally i added some hot glue, secured the motor/wheel making sure to past those cables through the holes.

Step 4: Adding the ESC

Since all this was supposed to be inside the tube i knew i had to distribute all electronics correctly so it would fit, so a measured were i wanted to be considering all the connection that would nee to happen and the cut a notch in the base, and glue it.

Step 5: Fitting In

At this point i cut the tube in half as after various arrangements tries to make everything fit it was unsuccessful.

With enough space to work with, i connected everything together; battery, esc, receiver, pack all together inside the tube and close it.

Step 6: Third Wheel

Since this bot was inside a tube and did not have any self balancing magic a third wheel of sorts was going to be needed so the bot would be tilted a little forward and not try to roll over.

Step 7: Wrapping Up

Yes , i was ready to give this guy some life so i started by adding some spray blue to the tube and wrapping the toilet paper around, this went fora coupe of layers until i felt it was thick enough but also considering the wheel depth.

Next i removed all the paper to reveal all 3 wheels. Further more i added elastic band over the paper to maker sure it would not come out.

Step 8: The Cape

This little guy would not be completed without a cape so he got one, and that would make it more recognisable in the wild.

Step 9: Trip to the Mall

Took my son to play with the bot at the mall while enjoying peoples faces of admiration, surprise, hope and desire.

Step 10: Finished Look

This is how it ended up looking after the whole process.

Hope have enjoyed this and please give this little dude a name in the comments bellow.

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