Introduction: R/C Tractor

This is the first complex model I made in Fusion360. I spend around 1 month creating this to make a scale looking remote control tractor.

THIS IS STILL A PROTOTYPE ( I do not recommend printing unless you are looking to tinker with something and figure it out yourself. )

I have included the Fusion360 files for you to modify if you like

Parts needed ( This is a rough idea of what you will need, I all ready had everything needed to I don't have an accurate parts list ):

- 370 motor

- esc

- 4 x 608 skate board bearings

- m2 screws to hold wheels on

- various m3 screws 8-15mm

- micro servo

- control horns for steering

Step 1: Printing

To print the parts it pretty simple the only exeptions are:
- Diff gear and pinion should be 100 percent infill

- Hood, Top and Bottom Diff Housing need support

- Tires are printed with cheetah or ninjaflex filament.

I printed everything at 0.3mm layers.

Step 2: Final Assembly

This is what is looks like fully printed. As I said earlier this is more a proof of prototype and not really recommended to print unless you want to tinker around.

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