Introduction: RC Tyre Magnetic Picture Frame

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I made these as a gift for my kid's beloved aunt and uncle who were headed on a year-long road trip but they'd also make a good father's day gift or similar.

They are also a pretty great way to use up those stock crawler tyres that are too hard to actually use on the trail!

Part Needed

  • Strong Magnet
  • 1.9 Inch RC Tyre
  • 4 small zip ties
  • ~7.5m of filament
  • STL files

Step 1: Print the Parts


You can print in any material since it really doesn't need any special properties, I chose PETG because I use it for almost everything.


Each of the parts has an flat surface that should go on the print bed, see my picture.


There is a minor amount of support needed under the tabs (see attached picture), I don't use any under the edges of the rims, since even if they get a little messy they will be hidden in the final product.


I chose to use a brim to aid adhesion since the thin rim doesn't have a whole lot of surface area on the bed.

Step 2: Glue Magnet

You can use any magnets you like, but you need them to be strong to hold the weight of the tyre up reliably.

I used a small stack of rare earth magnets in one and an old hard drive magnet in the other. A bit of hot glue holds them in nicely.

Step 3: Assemble

Photo Dimensions

The visible part of the photo will be a circle of 44mm in diameter, the full print size can be a 48mm square which you can trim the corners off once it is installed.

Assemble with Zip Ties

Place the photo under the top rim and insert the zip ties as seen in my pictures, be sure to tighten each one gradually because the picture may move, once they are all tight the picture will be well fastened in place.

Install in Tyre

Well... you have RC tyres lying around, I reckon you can figure this part out.