RC Video Camera

Introduction: RC Video Camera

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This Instructable teaches you how to make a remote-controlled camera out of an old toy car and a video recorder. This Idea came to me a long time ago, before I even heard of Instructables. I decided to right an article about it. I made the car in school, so I got that for free, has for the camera, that was a tool I already had, but you can use a wireless webcam that you could stream from the computer live.
 To short up the resume, here's a video to give the final product a test.

Step 1: What You Will Need

For this build, you will need: -a camera or webcam
                                                   -an old remote controlled car
                                                   -some rubber bands (I used two)

Step 2: Attaching the Camera

This is the only real step in this Instructable, so I'm gonna make it short. Take your rubber bands and slip them on to your car. After you did this, open up the flap of your camera and pull the rubber bands over top of this. close the flap, and your done!

Quick Tips: As you may have noticed, my car has no body. I took it off to give a retro look to the car and to keep the camera steady. I also like it in the video that you can see the wires and tires. Your going to have to flip the image recorded by the camera if you don't wan to tilt you head when you watch your clip.

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    Great job! Now on to more advanced surveilance. Maybe add some servos with another remote to tilt and pan the camera?