Introduction: RC Car Antenna Cat Toy

today I will be showing you how to make a easy cat toy from a garbage RC (remote control) toys antenna. it looks like a small fly or bug to them, my cat loves it. WARNING, YOU NEED AN ANTENNA WITH A BLACK PIECE OF PLASTIC ON THE END, IF YOU TRY THIS WITHOUT YOU COULD POKE YOUR CATS EYE OUT.

Step 1: Taking Apart the Toy

For this instructable you will need,
-a broken RC toy
-a screwdriver
and a playful cat.

this step is kind of self explanatory, you need to take apart the toy and pull out the antenna, it should be attached to a wire.

Step 2: How to Play With It

now take your antenna and wave it near your cat. Your cats predatory instinct will come on and will try to attack the black piece on the end of the antenna. Please vote for my instructable in he unusual uses contest :)

Step 3:

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