Introduction: RC Lawn Mower Designs

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I was cutting the grass the to day and I really wanted to drive a r.c. car at the time so I deiced that I would try to make this, A r.c lawnmower these are just my ideas on the item so lets get on it. the first thing you have to do is open up auto-desk 123D design.

Step 1: First

So first I started building the body by adding two cylinders and a cube to make the lawnmower deck. the next step will be adding the remote control unit

Step 2: Second

The next thing that I did was add a remote control unit to the body of the lawnmower and then I added a Sphere to top of the cylinder to make the antina.

Step 3: Third

I added an opening to the side so all of the grass will exit out of it. and then I added wheels and some axles to the lawnmower so it will be able to move.

Step 4: Last

The last thing that you have to do is add the last wheels and axle to the lawn mower using cylinders and then your done. this was all made using auto-desk 123D design. 

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