Introduction: RDA5708 FM Radio With Arduino

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A FM radio with RDS info and digital volume can be made with RDA5807 module, who is similar as TEA5767 (pcb board & pins).

Step 1: Schematic & Description

This FM radio is made with:

- Arduino Uno board

- RDA5807 FM radio module

- 3 pushbuttons + 3 resistors (10kohms each)

- breadboard & shield

- more wires & USB cable

- PC speakers

Step 2: Bibliography

I found article .

I tested this montage and is ok.. but I found base article is from ...

Step 3: Tests

I test original sketch and I made some changes, first for a nice display for frequency bellow 100MHz.

In original sketch, 98.5MHz frequency is displayed 098.5MHz, after few changes value is displayed 98.5MHz, sketch is RDA5807_fmradio_3buttons_ver0.ino !

Second change is to store value for frequency and step volume in EEPROM memory, sketch is RDA5807_fmradio_3buttons_ver1.ino !

On display you can see:

- lelvel strengh signal

- if transmission is stereo or mono


- RDS info (static and scrolling texts)

Step 4: Video Presentation

In video from you can see all components and how works... with nice presentation for frequency bellow 100MHz (sketch is RDA5807_fmradio_3buttons_ver0.ino

For finally version with last frequency of radio station and step volume stored in EEPROM memory of uC from Arduino board, see video from (updated sketch is RDA5807_fmradio_3buttons_ver1.ino)