Introduction: READ & MAKERS Shelves

Hello guys, today we have a really interesting project. We will be making two shelves with the words READ and MAKERS.

We will go step by step starting from the design, going to assembly and making final touches.

So, lets get started.

Note: This project was made in Fablab Dhahran by Fablab team

Step 1: Requirement

For this project we will need:

  • MDF wood. ( we used 18mm thickness)
  • Paint. ( We did the paint using paint gun)
  • Wood glue.
  • Clamps.
  • Tape Measure

  • CNC machine.

Step 2: Design

For the design we used to help us with making the boxes for each alphabet.

So, what we did is just making couple of boxes with the attached dimensions.

Then, we added openings for each shelf and edited the joints using Inkscape software just to make it easier for us to assemble.

Important notes:

  • Make sure to use the best bits available. ( we used 1/4 straight bit).
  • Start by cutting the shelf openings first ( inner shapes). Then, cut all the outlines for the rest of the shapes.
  • Double check the thickness of the wood you have. This design was made to be cut on 18mm thickness.
  • Make sure to use ( create fillet tool - 'Dog -Bone fillet). This will save you a lot of time during assembly.

Step 3: Assembly and Finishing

In this step it's only a matter of time. If all the parts cut without any mistake, attaching them together will be really easy.

  • Use wood glue to glue all the sides as shown in the pictures.
  • Use paper tape to help you during the paint job if you like to use more than one color.
  • In the READ shelf, we added some IKEA LED spot light and it turned out really cool.
  • We made each alphabet separate so we can easily move it and stack either horizontally or vertically.

And that's all about it, I hope you like it.