Introduction: Simple Minecraft Animal Trap

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So today I'll be showing you how to make an extremely simple animal trap in minecraft. It can be used to catch any mob which is up to one block high, (I mainly use it for chickens)

Step 1: What You Need

So to make this you'll need

One block of any kind, ( e.g. granite)

Four wooden trapdoors

Any half-slab

One wooden pressure plate

Step 2: Making It

Start by placing the single block, then place the trapdoors on the top half of the block.

Step 3: Making It

Now place the half-slab on top and remove the block as shown in pics 1 and 2.

Place a pressure plate beneath the half-slab and you're finished.

Step 4: Using It

Now as soon as any one block high mob walks on the pressure plate the trapdoors close around it.

This design works with chickens, end mites, silverfish, cave spiders, rabbits, wolves, ocelots, small slimes, small magma cubes and even pigs.

I hope you all enjoyed this quick tutorial, if you did, please comment, favorite and follow :-)

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