Introduction: REAL 3D Wireframe Acrylic Table Lamp

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Hi ALL makers!!

This Wireframe Acrylic Table Lamp is inspired by rough wireframe light bulb in 3D software render.

Unlike the other acrylic lamp that is two dimensional and "flat". This design shapes like real 3D from wireframe of a light bulb, so it can be seen from any sides. The wireframe effect is made using 2mm transparent acrylic.

In this project I made two alternatives; the smooth wireframe and the segmented (rough) wireframe. I personally liked the segmented wireframe better.

All the parts from this project are easy to get and relatively cheap.

Difficulty level: Easy (basic household electronic skills)

Budget: $10 - $25 (depending on the acrylic and cutting price)

Time needed: 4-5 hours

Disclaimer: This project involves voltage 110-220V which is dangerous. Be very careful when handling cables and other electronic components. Make this project at your own risk.

So let's get started and don't forget to VOTE! Thanks :)

Step 1: What You'll Need

You can get this stuff from your local electronics store:

- 7W or 9W LED light or use wireless RGB LED bulb

- 2 meter cable

- Slide switch

- Electric socket plug

- Light socket

You can buy this stuff from hardware store:

- Sand paper

- Spray paint

- Empty can 1kg vol ø10cm/4inch (It's better if you can reuse)

- 2mm acrylic sheet (I bought ex-used from advertising shop)

- Polyacryl


- Phillip screwdriver

- Cutter

- laser cut machine (or send to laser cutting services)

- Double tape

Step 2: Laser Cut Your Acrylic Sheet

I have made the design to be laser cut using 2mm acrylic sheet. The area fits for 45 x 60cm (18" x 23.5") sheet. You can modify the position to fit your laser cut machine and the acrylic sheet.

Feel free to download, use and modify my design and use Coreldraw or Adobe Illustrator.

Step 3: Sand the Outer Sides

To get the glowing diffuse effect we need to make the outer sides translucent and keep the inner sides transparent. Be really careful when handling the parts because it is really fragile.

1. Sand the outer sides of the horizontal and vertical ribs/frame.

2. Sand the whole surface of the base.

Step 4: Join the Ribs Altogether (forming the "Light Bulb")

This part is the main process of the build, be really careful because the parts can be fragile. If you are a bit confuse you can have a look at the step by step pictures.

1. Start by placing all the horizontal ribs (circle) in one vertical rib.

2. Place another vertical rib on the opposite side.

3. Place another two vertical rib on the perpendicular side.

4. Drip the intersections with polyacryl glue using thin stick. (it dries very fast)

5. Continue with the rest of the ribs.

6. Place the base.

7. Now the acrylic "light bulb" is done!

Step 5: Prepare the Can and Electronics Part

Now we will make the lighting part and enclose/hide it inside a can. We will hide the lights so the effect made from the acrylic "light bulb" will look cooler :)

1. Spray paint the can with your favorite color.

2. Drill a hole at the side (lower part) of the can as shown in the picture.

3. Strip the cables and put it inside the hole.

4. Screw the cables to the light socket and secure the conductive part with electric tape.

5. Glue/double tape the base of the light socket to the base of the can.

6. Add a switch and screw the cables to the electric socket plug.

7. Put the LED light into the light socket. (You can use colorful LED lights too)

Step 6: Put It Together and ENJOY!

Put the "light bulb" above the can (you can glue the base of the light bulb to the can but it is optional). Turn on the lights put it on your desk and enjoy your REAL 3D Wireframe Acrylic Table Lamp. If you want to see the lamp in action, check out the video at the beginning of this Instructables. The lamp looks really great at night to illuminate the surroundings but not too bright. Also suitable for night light or for partying.

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