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Introduction: REC TEQ RT-700 Extra Legs Table

Well hello all!

Brand new to the site as I was encouraged from a friend to check out this site and maybe enter a contest.....

So here I am.............

I bought a new smoker grill a while back and got the competition cart for it at the same time. This left me with some extra parts... I know there are always extra parts on a project, Right???

So not wanting to let the original legs go to waste I decided to make a a prep table for the smoker.

I have attached a picture of the list of parts I used in this project. (see in STEP 1)

So I had many ideas of what I wanted to try but decided on using PVC pipe and then just plugged away at that.

Searching home center web sites to see what is out there and figuring in my head what I needed and where to start.

So here goes the build!

Step 1: Extra Legs!

Well here are the extra legs from the smoker - first thing need was to find something to fit the tops of the legs - they are 1 inch square tubes. I found that 1.5 inch PVC pipe fits perfectly over them!

Step 2: 1.5 Inch to 1 Inch

So I wanted to build the rest of the table in inch pipe. This was mainly because I could find 1 inch pipe part easier than the 1.5 inch. So I needed to reduce the 1.5 inch to 1 inch. I took 4 - 1.5 inch pieces of pipe (about 6 inches long) and added a 1.5 inch connector piece and then a 1.5 inch to 1 inch reducer fitting.

These were all glued together with PVC cement, and fitted to the legs.

Step 3: Holes for Bolts

Holes for the bolts were then drilled - using 3/8 inch bolts - 2.5 inch long with a washes on both side and a lock washer on the nut side. (looking back on this not sure the lock washer was need as the PVC pipe flexes pretty good when the bolt is tightened giving you the same tension as the lock washer)

Placement was just matched up to the holes already in the legs

Step 4: Paint to Match

Painting the sleeves to match the cart, using semi-gloss Black spray paint.

Shoved paper towel in the reducer fitting so not to get paint where the 1 inch pipe would be glued.

Step 5: Building the Frame

Using 1 inch pipe and fitting the frame was built - 1 inch pipe use in the reducer up to the 5 way connectors then another piece of 1 inch pipe up to the end pieces that screw into the table top.

I used Black pipe and fittings for this part - reason is so I can place S-hooks on it to hang utensils and as they slide back and forth the paint won't scrap off since there is no paint ;)

All connections that are vertical were glued and the horizontal ones were not - this was incase I wanted to disassemble it. Also did not glue the top cap.

The frame was then put on the legs. And LOOK!!!!! 34.5 inches tall - so with the 1.5 inch butcher block it will top at 36 inches (PERFECT COUTER TOP HEIGHT)

Step 6: Adding the Top

Sorry no pics of how I centered the top

I determined the centering of the top by placing the frame and legs upside down on the butcher block and marking the holes.

Drilled pilot hole for the screws

Sealed the wood with mineral oil (watched some youtube videos on sealing a butcher block cutting board

Taking off the end caps that were not glued, I screwed them to the top.

Step 7: Attaching the Top

With the help of the offspring we set the top on to the frame - still not gluing the top fitting as the weight of the top will keep it in place and the fittings are tight.

Step 8: Adding the Handles

Using the 5th hole of the 5 way fitting handles were made and added so not to have to grab the wood to move it around. These were glued into place.

Step 9: Once Separated Are Now Together Again

Finish prep table sitting next to the smoker!

Bring on the MEAT!

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    8 hours ago

    Great tip for using PVC over square metal legs. I will be using this in the future.


    17 days ago on Step 9

    Great build. I especially like the way you added handles. Thanks for sharing.

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    19 days ago

    Nice idea with that table! Welcome to Instructables :)