Introduction: RECTANGLE SKIRT!!!!! :D (takes Less Than a Half-hour to Make :O)

This skirt takes seriously less than a half-hour to make, mayyyyyybe an hour if you've NEVER touched a sewing machine before, haha. I decided to make one, and didn't document it :/ sorry, but I did make wonderful pictures in MS Paint, with lovely descriptions. I do however have pictures of how the skirt looks on :). If you have any questions, leave a comment and I would be DELIGHTED to take a minute out of my very boring day to answer you :) if it seems I left a step out, or didn't explain somethings well enough i could answer that :)

Step 1: Sizing Your Fabric

You will need: Two rectangles of fabric :)
                           Sewing Machine
                           Scissors (maybe, i didn't need any, i just used my fabric the size it already was)

First, you take your fabric, and decide how big you need your fabric to be, i just used two fat quarters i had...your waist measurement will be a TON bigger than your actual measurment......i explained why in the picture...

BTW: in my MS Paint pictures the black is the right side of the fabric and the white with black outlining is the wrong side of the fabric.....

Step 2: Sewing the Side Seams

Next, take your fabric that is cut to the desired size and sew the side seams together, my side seams were the short sides, but yours can be the long sides if you want a smaller waist and a longer skirt length.

Step 3: HEM!!!

Ok, i am aware i had the biggest blonde moment EVER and spelled bottom with an E in all of the MS Paint pictures, SORRY :(, i am actually in all advanced classes and the class for acedemically gifted students, i am not stupid. just blonde. haha :D

ok, so while your fabric is still inside out hem the top and bottOm :)

Step 4: YOU'RE DONE :)

Flip your skirt right sides out and you are done :) Simply cinch the top of the skirt with a belt like I did in the picture......I hope you like it, it's soooo simple you could make 4 in one afternoon, these can be adapted to anyone's size, just cut the fabric wayyyyy wider than your actual waist measurement :) even a toddler's size, you might want to use elastic in a toddler skirt though....